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Reagent Reservoir

  • This plate is designed for use with standard 384 or 16 channel pipetting systems. The low profile design saves valuable stacker space.

  • Sizes:
    - PP0861: Each column holds 3 ml for a total volume of 72 ml. Thin-walled column partitions allow pipette tips with strippers to easily reach the bottom of the channeled reservoir.
    - PP0862: 83 ml

  • The pyramid bottoms reduce reagent waste by providing a collection area with a low dead volume.

  • Material: Polypropylene

  • Manufacturing: hygienic

  • Available in gamma sterilized form (S)


Order Unit


Reagent Reservoirs

/bag /case


24 x 3ml segmented reagent reservoir

10 / 100


83 ml reagent reservoir for 384 tips

10 / 100