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We offer different sample collectors - depending on the users' need:

  1. rambrush / citobrush for gynaecology,
  2. urinary swab: sampling O = 2 mm
  3. throat swab

All of the sampling facilities available in sterile packing.

0,3 mm deep notch on the handle of the sample collector makes possible
  to break the superfluous part of it, as to close the tube safety after sampling

safety closing of the transport tube is insured by a bayonet system and self gasket in the hood
   - this way you can use transporter liquid for sample transportation

Product specification
product             length   packing  advised to use

rambrush          20 cm   wipack     gynaecology
urynary swab    20 cm   wipack     urology, clean room control
pharynx swab    15 cm   wipack     otolaryngology - laringology